(in other words, I didn’t want to write an “about” section)

Feel free to submit a question.

Q:Why are you remaining anonymous?

A: Why you might call the choice scared, shy, or silly, I didn’t want my choice of law school or work experience to cloud the point of this blog. I’m not here playing a statistical game of trying to figure out why I don’t have a full-time job – I’m here because like many recent graduates I wanted a positive forum to contemplate how to make use of this time. Who I am doesn’t matter. What does matter is that I am one of you and rather than sitting around being bitter about getting a law degree – I chose to push forward while trying to remain positive.

Q: OK – But who are you?

A: I graduated from law school in May 2010 and took New York and New Jersey State Bars. I worked prior to attending law school and have a background in business management.

Q: Can I follow you on Twitter?

A: No. I just don’t have the energy. This blog provides more than enough stupid thoughts for you to [not] enjoy.

Q: Why don’t you have any funny F.A.Q.s?

A: I’m really not that funny.